Anthony Joynes

Published March 29th, 2018 | News

Yelp! I need somebody!

Eight-week-old miniature Yorkshire terrier Ringo had to be rescued by RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes after getting stuck in a TV cabinet.

Owner Verity O’Neill, from Birkenhead, woke to the cries of the miniature Yorkshire terrier and, when she went downstairs, found him with his head stuck in a hole in the wooden unit.

“Ringo Starr was found in the morning but it’s possible he could have become stuck for some time before, it could well have been A Hard Day’s Night for him, until he started crying for help,” RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes said “Poor Ringo Starr was very uncomfortable and panicked, but the hole was fairly tight and I wasn’t able to free him at first, so with his owner’s permission we quickly grabbed some vegetable oil from the kitchen to gently rub around his neck to help loosen him, and with some very careful manoeuvring, Ringo’s head slid out of the cabinet and he was free.”

Ringo was taken to the vets to be checked out after his ordeal on Tuesday and had a bath to wash off the vegetable oil before being reunited with his owner.

Ms O’Neill said: “I was so worried about Ringo so I phoned the RSPCA as I just felt helpless. Anthony arrived really quickly to help and before we knew it he’d freed little Ringo from the hole.

“After getting the all-clear from the vet he came back home to us that afternoon and after a big lunch, he fell fast asleep.”

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