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Why buy local?

Bananas from Brazil? Apples from Australia? Potatoes from Peru? All bought at the same supermarket? It seems that our food comes from a number of countries these days, but why buy apples – for example – from another country when there are so many good reasons to buy locally produced food?

Environmental impact

Local food hasn’t had to travel far and this reduces carbon dioxide emissions, as well as packing materials.

Freshness and taste

Alongside this, farmers can offer goods produced for their freshness and taste, rather than for ensuring the long shelf life required for shipping.

Informed choices

Knowing where your food comes from, and how it has been grown or raised, allows you to avoid buying goods which have been produced using excessive – or even any – pesticides, chemicals, hormones or antibiotics.

Local community

Finally, buying local food keeps your money circulating within your local community, and also helps to make farming more profitable and so selling farmland for development less attractive.

Check out this excellent website to calculate exactly how far your food has travelled – You’ll be as shocked as we were – Emma’s apple travelled 578 miles from Germany!

It’s really easy to use:

  1. Enter the name of the country you are in.
  2. Enter the name of the country where your food has come from. This can be found on the packaging.
  3. Enter the name of the food item.

Did you know that the region has some fantastic farmers’ markets?

For dates and venues, and for more information, visit:

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