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Want to be an author? Do it yourself!

Have you written the next winner of The Booker Prize? Not sure how to get it published? Follow our straight forward hints to getting your masterpiece out there to the public. With self publishing, you can be in charge of your own success!

  • Do as much as you can yourself to save cost! Call on the expertise of friends and colleagues where possible.
  • A rose by any other name – give it a unique but memorable name. Nothing too clever!
  • Blurb blurb blurb! – A blurb is a short summary of a book, and is often what makes a person buy the book instead of putting it back on the shelf. Perfecting this can be an art in itself so take your time with it and make sure you feature all of the key elements of the book, but without giving the game away!
  • People do judge a book by its cover – even though we shouldn’t, so make sure you pick the correct image. This can cost as little as a few pounds from an image library, so it’s perfectly possible to do properly at a low cost.
  • Printing – With new technology like POD (Print On Demand) it may not be as expensive to get your book into print as you think. Search ‘self publishing’ online or check out our resources for more information.
  • Distribution – get it out there! Send free copies to online bloggers, your local libraries and speak to independent bookshops about selling your book for you.
  • Marketing – Put simply, social networks work. Use Twitter and Facebook to promote your book. Contact your local newspaper or magazine, or join online communities.

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