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Take a walk on the easy side!

Waiting… caught up with Phil  Lockwood of The Easy Walkers walking group, who told us all about one of his favourite local walks.

“We like to outdo one another so each week we choose a walk, taking it in turns to reveal the surprise location and distance to the others.”

It had always been one of those ‘when we have the time’ ideas. Now that we’re all retired and with time on our hands, two friends and I finally got round to walking… for pleasure! We like to outdo one another so each week we choose a walk, taking it in turns to reveal the surprise location and distance to the others! The walks have mainly been circular and no more than an hour’s drive away.  They have ranged from three to eleven miles, easy to moderately strenuous. The longest walk wasn’t necessarily the hardest! The walks I chose came from the book Walks in Cheshire and North Wales by Jen Darling including our most recent walk around Peckforton in Cheshire, totalling a distance of five miles. According to local folk law, the bridge was haunted by a serving maid. She carries her severed head under her arm, promising death within a year to anyone who sees her! We all closed our eyes as we approached the bridge, just in case it came true! We highly recommend Peckforton as it is a perfect walk for anyone just starting out in their walking adventures. It is an easy to medium walk, with a slight incline as you walk through the woods.

So, why are you called The Easy Walkers?

As a keen amateur photographer, I always take lots of photographs of the beautiful scenery, us and our aching bodies! When downloading the photographs, my wife suggested I should put them into a folder named ‘Easy Walkers’. So that’s our name in print, but not always in reality!

Peckforton's Haunted BridgeThe Walk

We used OS Map 257 – Crewe & Nantwich

  1. Park in the car park opposite Beeston Castle (Pay & Display). Turn left from the car park and join the Sandstone Trail (sign shows towards Whitchurch) beside the castle and head down the snicket following the wall.
  2. Cross Tattenhall Lane and head towards Burwardsley. Reaching the kissing gate and the bridge, climb the steps and go through the field. As you reach the next kissing gate and Horsley Lane, turn right.
  3. After Ivy Cottage, turn left into Peckforton Woods. At the first junction, head towards Burwardsley.
  4. As the track drops, turn right following the Sandstone Trail towards Bulkeley Hill. Climb the stile, veering towards the left at Hill Lane. Leave the Sandstone Trail here.
  5. Turn left along Hill Lane, passing a small pond and head towards the Haunted Bridge.
  6. After passing the bridge (and avoiding the headless woman!), take the second turning on the left and walk towards the signpost – at which point, turn right, heading along the trail.
  7. Turn left along Stone House Lane, where eventually you pass a black and white cottage.
  8. Before the lodge at Peckforton Castle, turn right over the stile towards Beeston Moss and Bunbury. Head left across the field.
  9. Pass through the middle of the line of trees directly ahead. From the top of the hill, you should see a stile ahead beside a gate. If you do not see the stile when you reach the wood, head towards the right.
  10. Climb over the stile and along the path towards Willis’s Wood, leaving via another stile. Walk across the field towards the stile at the right of several farm buildings; you briefly join the route of the River Gowy. Here turn right and then left, turning left again onto the country lane.
  11. Turn left at Brook Cottage, following the sign for Beeston Castle, right and then right again. You will soon pass an attractive converted chapel and be back at Beeston Castle car park.


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