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Life-changing Livewell Programme

Life-changing Livewell Programme helps single mum lose nearly four stone in less than a year

 A Wirral woman who has lost nearly four stone in less than a year has praised the FREE local NHS Livewell Programme that helped turn her life around.

Sarah Edwards, 45, from Prenton, was over 16 stone before a chance meeting with a member of Wirral Community NHS Trust’s Livewell team was to change her life forever.

Following the death of her partner after a sudden heart attack, Sarah sought comfort through food and drink as she struggled to deal with her loss and watched her weight spiral out of control.

Sarah had also lost contact with her step-daughter, was unemployed and on anti-depressants.

But whilst out looking for a job at her local library last year, Sarah met a health trainer, who told her all about the free Livewell Programme and encouraged her to contact a member of the team to see how they could help her.

Sarah contacted Livewell in October and a series of one-to-ones helped re-build her confidence by supporting and motivating her, whilst educating her about how to eat more healthily, what exercise and physical activity she could do, and how she could make simple, positive behaviour and lifestyle changes.

Sarah completed the 10-week Livewell Programme by attending sessions near her home, and continues to attend regular weigh-in sessions to keep her motivated and weight loss on track.

Sarah says she has never felt better after losing nearly four stone – and her weight loss shows no sign of slowing down.

She said: “The Livewell Programme changed my life completely. I can’t thank all the staff who have supported me along the way enough. I feel great. I’d go as far as to say I feel like a new woman!

She continued: “I have more confidence and more energy and I’m so proud of how I look that I’ve just had two tattoos, one of which is dedicated to my 13-year-old daughter Megan who has been my rock throughout my weight loss programme.”

Sarah has also since got a new job as a Care Worker, moved into a new house and no longer needs medication.

Sarah’s new-found confidence means she may even be ready to meet a new man, but for now, she’s happy with daughter Megan, her two cats Felix and Timmy and dog Bobbi.

For further information on the Livewell Programme, contact 0151 630 8383. You can also ‘Like’ their Facebook page at:

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