Published November 14th, 2013 | Features

Dave Pilla – More than hoped for

Dave Pilla’s More Than Hoped For EP is an excellent showcase of the Wirral singer-songwriter’s versatility using his guitar, and not just his story-telling lyrics, to take the listener on an emotional journey.

Leading with the ebb and flow of Doing Wrong, Dave’s warm and clear vocals soon entice you into the lyrics. And it’s this familiar tone that sets the scene for folk-pop song The Fields which you can envisage humming, if not singing along to, after a couple of plays. Yet it takes you by surprise with the closing bars picking up tempo giving way to an almost Spanish–style guitar which will soon have you tapping your feet!

Dave’s warm and clear vocals soon entice you into the lyrics.

Third track Hollow Days feels like the most modern where, utilising staccato, Dave draws you into the song, tugging you into his tale, willing you to listen. This is the acoustic track you can almost imagine you’re listening to performed live to a hushed audience.

The soft but insistent pulsing guitar is but a distant background to Dave’s haunting vocals for much of title-track More Than Hoped For which, sounding more like country rock reminiscent of Band of Horses’ early records, makes this song my favourite. It may be my love of the mournful but I can’t help but wish it remained this dark and wistful to its close rather than hurtling to a heady end from three quarters of the way through.

It’s refreshing to hear so many influences within a short EP but for me, most captivating is Dave’s effortless yet striking vocals. Frances Earlam

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