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Published November 14th, 2013 | Features

Beauty for every season… and age!

With Betty Pamper. As a make-up artist I often teach one to one workshops to women who are suddenly feeling the make-up they wore when they were younger no longer looks as good. Overhauling your make-up style every few years is the easiest way to ensure you always look your best and can’t be “dated” by your appearance. Here are my tips for a few easy changes to update your appearance – no surgery required!

20s- 30s

Make-up Artist Tip – If you struggle with redness from the occasional spot try mixing some green concealer into your normal cover up. This will instantly neutralise the redness. Just set with a blotting sheet.

Unless you have been burning the candle at both ends chances are you don’t have under eye shadows so this is the perfect age to explore BB creams and tinted moisturisers. The last thing you want to do is cover up that beautiful skin.

If you have a tendency to have an oily complexion consider using blotting sheets rather than full powder (the body shop do small books of these, perfect for on-the-go).

Of all ages this is the one where anything goes so experiment with bright eyeshades, crazy lipsticks and have fun. Make sure you always wear UV protection though. We want to keep that peach-like complexion.


Make-up Artist Tip – Always apply undereye concealer with your ring finger. It’s weaker than your other fingers so won’t drag the delicate skin.

When it comes to make-up, life really does begin at 40. You have a better idea of what suits you and can opt for edgy, minimal or sophisticated looks as and when the mood takes you.

As skin begins to lose some of its elasticity, consider using a primer underneath your foundation. There are lots of primers on the market from inexpensive drug store brands to luxury investment buys – my current faves are L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets primer and Macs Prep and prime. Try a few until you find one which really suits your skin.

Primers fill out any enlarged pores and smooth out fine lines under your eyes so create the perfect base for your foundation. You may find you now need slightly more coverage especially under your eyes so invest in a good midweight foundation and undereye concealer. If your undereye shadows are particularly pronounced used a concealer with a high pink pigment.

As you go into your forties switch your face powder to a mineral based one or Macs careblend. You won’t need the setting of a full powder and it can be ageing so use lightly with a big fluffy brush.


Make-up Artist Tip – If you find undereye concealer has a tendency to sit in fine lines mix it with a little of your favourite under eye serum.

As our skin matures your make-up regime should be all about adding softness and luminosity. Foundations should contain light reflecting particles and also some moisturiser. Olay’s “Touch of Foundation” is great for this and a concealer such as L’Oreal’s “Touché Magique” will ensure you look radiant rather than tired. Ditch face powder – it’s ageing and will diffuse the light reflecting particles in your foundation.

If you are a lover of eyeliner switch from a Kohl pencil to using eyeshadow mixed with water.

This will look softer but still offer you the eye definition you want.

As lips become thinner plump them up with products like Benefit’s “Lip Plump Primer” and consider swapping darker toned lipsticks to softer corals and nudes.

The biggest age giveaway is sparse looking eyebrows so keep these filled with a gentle sweep of brow powder (pencil looks too harsh). Keeping your brows in good shape isn’t expensive and visiting a salon to do this will ensure you look well groomed and perfectly finished at all times.

60s onwards

Make-up Artist Tip – Ditch powder blusher once you hit sixty. Use a few dabs of a cream blusher to avoid it looking dusty.

Being eligible for a bus pass is no excuse to become a slacker in the beauty stakes! If you have never invested in good skincare before then now is the time. Using a system such as Liz Earles “Cleanse and polish” routine will keep your skin plump and healthy looking. For foundations I’m a huge fan of Estee Lauder Double Wear. It’s light enough to not leave you feeling caked but will definitely give you an even, youthful finish. Keep eyeshadow fairly subtle and stay away from anything with shimmer in. These have a tendency to sit in wrinkles.

If your eyelashes are becoming sparser use an eyelash primer and have a few individual lashes applied at a salon before special events. These will instantly open your eyes making you look much fresher.

Finally my all time beauty tip? Smile!  Frowning gives us terrible crows feet and accentuates our jowls so paste on a grin confident that whatever mother nature throws our way as we pass through the various ages of beauty, we can always look fabulous through the clever application of make-up.

Betty Pamper lives in West Kirby and is a qualified make up artist. Her birth certificate says she is 41 but she likes to think she looks 30!

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